Added Money & Awards

$5,000 Added per Show

$15,000 Added Money Finals


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The following is the list of rules for the Keystone Barrel Classic series to qualify for the saddles, buckles, bronc halters and $15,000 ADDED MONEY FINALS to qualified riders.



1.  Each rider must nominate themself and their horse, in each class (Open, Senior, Youth, Middle) to earn points to qualify for awards. 

2.  Each rider/horse must pay a $55.00 nomination fee per class (Open, Senior, Youth, Middle) in order to qualify for awards.

3.  Nominations must be paid at the first show each rider/horse attends.

2.  Points are awarded to each rider/horse team.

3.  No substitutions for rider on rider/horse team.  Substitution for horse is allowed with Veterinarian note.

4.  Points are awarded to the top 10 in each division of nominated rider/horse for each day.  Each day is a separate show.

5.  Finals show will be double-pointed for the top ten in each division.  For example, first place in the nominated horses will earn 20 points at the finals show, rather than 10.

6.  Awards will be given out on Sunday, October 8th.

7.  Previous years winners were determined on the very last day due to our point system.


RULES FOR $15,000 ADDED MONEY FINALS (October 7th & 8th): 

1.  Finals is now open to all riders to run for $5,000 added money for the weekend.  No points will be awarded for this payout.

2.  There is a $10,000 sidepot for those riders who meet the attendance requirement.  Must ride in 8 of the 12 day shows, not including Finals, in order to qualify for the $10,000 sidepot and points.  Show days to qualify for finals are April 22nd, April 23rd, May 13th, May 14th, June 3rd, June 4th, July 1st, July 2nd, August 5th, August 6th, September 1st and September 2nd.

3  You do not have to nominate your horse to qualify to run in the $10,000 sidepot.   You only need to ride in 8 of the 12 day shows.

4.  For those riders who are riding for year end awards, points will be awarded only to the $10,000 sidepot placings.  Placings will be based on the fastest time of the $10,000 sidepot, so these may be different than the $5,000 added money results where no points are awarded.

5.  No limit on the number of horses a rider can bring to the finals.



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